Pheromones for Men


Exactly what are Pheromones?

Pheromones are organic compounds that are secreted and cause social responses. Pheromones will influence the actions of members of the species. There are many types of pheromones and all of them have an individual function, or triggers a different reaction. These include signals for food, threat and sex pheromones. Several other pheromones impact behavior in different ways. Flora, insects, animals, as well as humans additionally communicate by using pheromones.

How do Humans use Pheromones?

Even though humans are highly reliant on visual hints, socio-sexual actions may also be affected by odor. It is hard to evaluate human pheromones because society dictates that we take shower everyday so that we don't smell. Also putting on clothing reduces the influence and presence of our own pheromones. A woman's sense of smell is much stronger when she's ovulating, and quite a bit more acute than a man's nose.

Pheromones for Men to Attract Women

Our own natural scents are not very efficient since we wash too frequently and wear clothes. With females having a sharp sense of smell, it is logical to assume females may respond to synthetic pheromones men use. As various pheromones have different meanings, it is possible to design specific scents for men that will each trigger specific responses, not just in women, but also in other males. As we will see, pheromones for men aren't just used to cause sexual or enchanting attraction in females, in addition can also offer to inspire trust and a feeling of comfort in members of the same sex.

Four Types of Pheromones Based on their Purposes

In order to assist men to make the most of many different social situations, we have developed a variety of pheromones that are tailored to achieve particular outcomes. A few of the following products for men may be much like pheromones you've been looking for.

Romantic Attraction Pheromones for Males

Pure Feel pheromonesPure Feel is an unscented pheromone for men made to improve their charms and make them seem like stars. Show your inner elegance that radiates charm and command. Take charge of casual conversations with women by changing them into a mind-blowing experiences that she will not forgret. Because of the the substantial amount of beta molecules known as "deep molecules" in Pure Feel, your interaction and communications may get a lot more resonant. This scent in guys can help reduce awkward silences and makes you seem exciting and witty to girls. If you're meeting a female that you're attracted to, use Pure Feel to spark her attraction.

Macho (Bad Boy) Pheromones for Men

Pure Macho for menPure Macho male's unscented pheromone is intended to open your inner alpha supremacy to expose inner the "bad boy" that constantly gets what he desires. This scent for males helps you to take advantage of the aggressive supremacy you always assumed that alpha guys are born with. These scents can get women to obsess over you and feel week in thier knees when you lock eyes with them. If your intention is to attract ladies looking for casual sex with a masculine alpha man then this is perfect for you. In a packed club with desirable ladies, Pure Macho can assist you get the edge over all the other men.

Social Pheromones for Men

Pure Trust for menPure Success is a pheromone for men that is intended to emit the pheromone trademark of a leading businessman who wants to play on a higher level. Visualize out of this world parties, exclusive vacations, cover girls, and exclusive helicopters and you'll understand the lifestyle. If you wish to be considered as a seasoned leader in your workplace, Pure Success may help you get that advantage over your associates in the workplace and help you decimate the competitors. You'll be recognized as a trusted alpha whose abilities shout C-suite. Utilize this scent for men when you next negotiate a wage increase, need to shut a vital sale, or to show that you're qualified to those interacting with you. Pure Success for men enables you to send out the aura of a successful leader that is both well established and reliable.

Pure Icebreaker for menPure Icebreaker for men is intended to help you radiate a flirty mood that may turn you unbelievably gentleman like. Being charming and outgoing man will have females waiting in line, eagerly waiting to learn your name and hand you their phone number. This formula for males has been developed to help you make a remarkable very first impression as an enjoyable caring, friendly person whose schedule is packed with for the whole year. Be the definitive icebreaker that has lots of all-natural charisma as well as spirited appeal. Pure Icebreaker unscented pheromone for males may increase your allure at any social gathering.

Pure Trust for menPure Trust for men will make it much easier for you to build partnerships and also quickly establish familiarity with people who matter to you. This formula is for both men and women and can aid you in your present relationships and your job. Apply Pure Trust to befriend that person who may give you an increase up the career ladder, or develop strong networks of connections with influential people. Pure Trust works like a miracle for communications with both sexes by working as social lubricant for conversations, and also is the best for conferences with your employer or clients, interviews, sales telephone calls, or with anybody that you wish to thrill or win over to your side. Generate instantaneous dependability and credibility with Pure Trust.

Sexy Attraction Pheromones

Pure Passion pheromonesPure Passion pheromone for males was designed to fuel the heat when you want to make things sexual with an attractive feminine friend. Simply exude self-confidence as well as masculine energy to create a sense of bountiful, animalistic attraction. Pure Passion may help you to display powerful attractive energy towards females to create sexual connection on an primal level. Radiate power that will make females discover you irresistible in any kind of setting. Any type of interaction will become much easier to progress to the sexual level as you portray solid sexual self-confidence.

Pheromones Starter Kit for Guys

As you can certainly tell the pheromone products on this page are pretty much the same as the pheromones that you're interested in.

Pheromones for Men

Pure Passion pheromone for men

Pure Passion is intended to stimulate feelings of sexual tension and attraction in the women around you. Use this formula to communicate sexual confidence and experience. It helps escalate your interactions with women to the sexual level, by inciting feelings of raw animalistic attraction. Pure Passion is great for any guy who needs a powerful boost of sexual self-confidence. Important product limitations.

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Pure Icebreaker pheromone for men

Pure Icebreaker is intended to elicit an open, friendly and sexy vibe. Use this formula to appear more approachable , playful and socially charming. It is best used in situations when you are meeting someone new, to break the ice, or to instantly disarm beautiful women, and create sexual attraction and playful fun interaction. Want to impress someone when meeting them for the first time? Icebreaker is perfect for you! Important product limitations.

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Pure Feel pheromone for men

Pure Feel is intended to help you increase your charisma, and help you turn a casual conversation into a deep connection with women. You'll emit the aura of an experienced man who has high social status, class, and power. It contains a wide scale of beta molecules that are often referred to as "deep molecules", which help create meaningful interactions with women that carry sexual undertones. Pure Feel may help inspire women to feel comfortable around you, and find your remarks more interesting and funny. Important product limitations.

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Pure Macho pheromone for men

Pure Macho is intended to attract women by helping you radiate pure alpha dominance. It helps create gut level attraction, by emitting the pheromone signature of an aggressive, sexually active young man who gets what he wants. It may make women feel butterflies in their stomach any time they talk to you. Pure Macho gets its best results with women who are naturally attracted to aggressive "bad boy" types, and looking for fun. Important product limitations.

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Unisex Pheromones for Business or Social Situations

Pure Trust

Pure Trust is intended to help you create a rapport with new acquaintances, and increase your trustworthiness with those you already know. It's designed for use in both business environments and social situations, by acting as a conversational lubricant with both sexes. Use Pure Trust in situations like interviews, meetings with new clients, when closing sales, or to persuade your friends. Important product limitations.

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Pure Success

Think private jets and supermodels. Pure Success was designed to emit the pheromone signature of an elite businessman who "plays" on a different level than most of us. Pure Success is intended for business situations where you not only need to establish trust, but also demonstrate your ability to lead, and gain the upper hand over your competitors and peers. Whether your objective is to get a promotion, negotiate a salary raise, win a contract, close a difficult sale, or impress clients ... Pure Success may help give you an edge, by exuding the signature of a trustworthy alpha leader. Important product limitations.

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Pheromones for Women

Pure Flirt

Pure Flirt is intended to help you attract men by emitting the pheromone signature of a young, energetic, sexually ready female, with high hormone levels. Use it to boost your natural charisma, and become a sexy flirt! This is an all-purpose blend that will help you break the ice with someone new, or create fun & flirty interactions with someone you already know. Pure Flirt can be used in any social situations, whether at school, work, on a date, or when going out to bars and clubs. Important product limitations.

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Pure Love

Pure Love is intended to attract men by giving off the vibe of a emotionaly stable, trustworthy female in her sexual prime, who is ready for a deeper, more fulfilling long term relationship. Start attracting the quality men you desire in your life with this blend! Its high concentration of beta molecules may help establish deep connections, with strong sexual undertones. Use anywhere where guys are around; you never know when you'll need Pure Love! Important product limitations.

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Pure Temptation

Pure Temptation is intended to attract men by radiating the pheromone signature of an ovulating woman, who is ready to have sex. You too can become the seductress who gets exactly what she wants! Use it when going out to parties, bars, or clubs to help enhance your ability to attract the men you desire. If you want to break your usual routine, and add more spice to your life, Pure Temptation is what you need! Important product limitations.

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Love it or Money Back Guarantee

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RESULTS DISCLAIMER There are limitations with the effects of pheromone based products like with any other product which interacts with the human body. While studies show pheromones have been effective in connection with the results and parallel the claims as contained on this website, we do not guarantee that such results will be achieved by every person that uses Puremones 100% of the time. Results may vary in different degrees depending upon a variety of factors. For those customers who do not experience positive results we offer 60 days FULL money back guarantee.
There are limitations with the effects of pheromone based products like with any other product which interacts with the human body. While studies show pheromones have been effective in connection with the results and parallel the claims as contained on this website, we do not guarantee that such results will be achieved by every person that uses Puremones 100% of the time. Results may vary in different degrees depending upon a variety of factors. For those customers who do not experience positive results we offer 60 days FULL money back guarantee.
Concentrate vs Lotion

Concentrates are perfect for advanced users who want to experiment and have full control over mixing and dosing. Lotions are super easy to use and last longer and are an excellent choice for an everyday user.

PureMone Unscented Pheromone Concentrates contain pheromones dissolved in alcohol. They don't contain any added fragrance. It's best to use directly by dabbing it on your skin using your finger or mixing it with your favorite cologne or perfume. Concentrates are packaged in a 5ml vial. You can mix one vial in 50ml of your existing cologne or perfume. Pheromones evaporate at standard rate and pheromone effect may last up to 4 hours.

PureMone Pheromone Lotions contain scented body cream infused with pheromones. They contain great smelling fragrances: masculine fragrance for men and feminine fragrance for women. For our social pheromones Pure Trust and Pure Success, we use unisex scent. We use only high-quality fragrances on par with designer brands. The lotion is packaged in a 45ml tube. Pheromones are blended with slow evaporating emollients and pheromone effect may last up to 8 hours.